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Paul N Turner


1003 Sutters Rim, San Antonio Texas 78258 ·  business cell: (210)-712-0019 (MFT123)



'Communications' is my strong suit. Built consensus within Air Force and other military Service programs, budgets and operations. Led successful negotiations with International partners and cross-cultural, non-governmental Agencies. Success at all levels of performers, and echelons of command/management. Created successful, extra-doctrinal approaches to evolving missions.


'Discovery' comes from years of research. Discovered solutions where none previously existed. Skilled at generating suitable 'options' to one-of-a-kind issues. See ways forward often 'invisible' to others. Clearly identify differences and similarities within myriad of conflicting factors.


'Creativity' blends into all I do. Imagination blended with experience is key to problem solving. Artistic, right-brained viewpoint adds dimension and energy to solid solutions. Emotional intelligence contributes to analytic approaches to leadership, professionalism and solutions.




US Air Force enlisted, officer, civilian: 1970-1974, 1979-2003, 2003-2019: 

Scientific researcher, 20 publications: 1980 – 2000 

Affiliations: Various Universities;

Research Associate Nat. Mus. Nat. Hist., Smithsonian, Wash. D.C.:  1987-1990

Baritone and Chapter President with The Marcsmen* men's a cappella chorus:  2013 – 2020  (*internationally ranked 11th)



Mediation, Performance and Accountability, Professional Development, Diversity in the Workforce and

Dynamics of Public Policy.

Senior Executive Fellow at John F. Kennedy School of Government

1979 - BS Biology; 1985 – MS Strategic Intelligence; 1997 – MS Biology/Zoology



1979 – 2019 Top Secret/SCI clearance

2019 Certified Texas Mediator

2019 Member Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA)

2020 Member Alamo Federal Executive Board Mediation Team

Resume Documents

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