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Mediation. . . use of a neutral party (ME) to help participants willingly agree to move on...

Mediation Basics

  • In-person (or Zoom) mediations are normally performed in a private location with both parties willing participation.

  • Time-frame for reaching a mediated agreement can be anywhere from 1 hour to several days depending on the issues and willingness of the participating parties.

  • All proceedings are 'confidential' (except when excluded by law) and all information collected and handled by the mediator (and the participating parties) will be destroyed after an agreement has been reached and signed by responsible parties.

  • Participating parties will consist of the mediator and responsible parties. Responsible parties may consist of legally responsible adults (and if they choose, a lawyer). Other participants may be allowed to 'witness' the proceedings if agreed to by all parties. A limit to number of participating parties may be set by agreement and/or the mediator.

  • Mediation agreement may be created by the mediator, or one or both of participating lawyers with consent of all parties.

  • Mediation agreement is binding by and to all parties.

  • Fee is due from each party prior beginning the Mediation.

About Me
  • Certified Texas Mediator

  • 44 total years Department of Defense & Air Force Experience...leadership, intelligence, professional development, resources & navigating bureaucracies

  • Published biologist with 19 national and international journals/books

  • President of and singer in the internationally ranked (non-profit) all-men's a cappella chorus named The Marcsmen


Get moving forward again. . . let me help you reach an agreement to save time, money and hassle!


Get moving in the right direction quickly. . . and with unity. Let me help your team get moving in a positive and profitable direction.

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