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Why Mediation Can Be The Better Option To Dispute Resolution

Mediation:  Generally takes less time, less money, and creates far less stress. In addition, mediation uses a legitimate framework to produce a private and LEGALY BINDING agreement. The process is YOURS, and the outcome is as legal as going to court...but you created the outcome...

Litigation: Can cost lots of money, can take lots of your time, and can cause undue stress.  Lawyers and judges are obliged to dictate the process and you will have FAR LESS input than you would like!  

Move past your problems and disputes...solve them now and Get Moving Again!

'Conflict' saps your strength and slows down your personal and professional growth!

Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation creates a legally binding agreement 

  • Mediation is reasonably inexpensive and faster

  • Mediation is your process, you are in control

  • Mediation can be a low stress process

  • Finally, mediation is truly a private affair...

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